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Shooting in the rain

Shooting in the rain

The familiar city streets take on a whole new personality when it rains. 

Everything seems more vibrant. The light, colour and reflections that would magically appear as soon as the streets became wet always catch my eye.

It was an unusually dry winter in Sydney this year so when the forecast was for days of rain during the first week of spring I jumped at the chance to wander the cold and wet streets to try to capture a different mood and feeling of the city.  After a few hours in the rain I was happy I had enough frames to tell the story of my day but from reviewing my shots I found it hard to narrow it down to just the 30 images detailed here!

On the day I ventured out I had a vague route in mind. Most of the time when I am out I wander with no specific location but this time I wanted to explore different areas  to create a series of images with distinctly different  elements within the frame. I also wanted to vary my subjects so that not every shot was a standard photo of somebody holding an umbrella which can be pretty dull after a while. 

Colour is always and  important element for me to consider as it helps to convey a particular mood and  in this case I wanted to emphasise cooler blue and dark hues to help visualise the cold and wet experience of walking around in the rain. To add another level of interest I also looked for situations where there was a bright pop of colour that would contrast against the darker tones within the majority of the scene.

Most of the questions I am asked on social media usually have nothing to do with the idea, composition or how I was able to capture a certain situation. Gear, gear, gear, settings, gear. When I post a shot in rain the question deviates to “How do you protect your gear in the rain?” I always find this question odd as it’s something that has never been of a major (or even minor) concern to me. Although I have weather sealed gear now, I have always used cameras in the rain, even cheap non weather sealed models. It’s never been a problem. It is as simple as wiping the camera if it gets some rain on it. 

So let me know what you think and as always you can find more of my work on Instagram.

Visual Journal 02: Golden hour

Visual Journal 02: Golden hour